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Friday, December 29, 2017

I Don't Do Peace

Inspired by another thread, the thrust of which is the old trope that you make peace with enemies, not friends.

Let me make it clear: I don't believe in making peace, and certainly, not for the sake of peace.

I believe in building bridges, overcoming differences, bringing in mutual understanding, connecting through shared values, and creating valuable networks, relationships, and alliances over common issues.

I don't believe in making pointless sacrifices for the sake of the other side agreeing not to kill you in exchange.

None of my work, nothing I do, is ever about making peace. I do not make peace with human rights violations, I do not make peace with the denial of my identity and dignity, I do not make peace with bad ideas.

I am working towards victory of life affirming values over destructive ones, and of good ideas over bad ones.

I am not a peacemaker; there's nothing peaceful about me.

And the people who matter will respect me for my dedication to my goals and to my values and to the identity that makes me strong much more so than they will ever respect me for begging for crumbs of peace on their terms.

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